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Hi, I am Dulcie, waiting for you to spend a romantic night with me. I am your perfect destination if you are in a sad mood. chicas de sexo en Madrid I am a lively girl who believes in making everyone happy. I will take you to dinner, shopping, hang out in pubs or go to park and beaches where you can get peace of mind and share your personal feelings with me quite openly. I will tell you stories of my friends or clients who have gone through bad relationships or bad times and have come out of it. In fact, I have also gone from sour relationship. Later, as we arrive in apartment, I will give you such a gentle love that will heal your emotional wounds completely. As a woman, I start with gentle kiss on your lips, prompt you to remove my clothes, kiss my whole body and finally rock me softly in bed. I assure you that with me, you are going to have a best night of your life. Whether you are married or single, I bet that nobody will love you as passionately in night as I do. Not only I am a good lover, but exceptional beautiful too. My friends and even some customer have told my agency that I look far more beautiful than my pics as displayed here. I have shining curly black hair, natural curvy body, long legs and the best one; my tits. I have natural bust with size 34. They are natural and men love to cup them in their hands, suck them or fondle them. In-fact, some of my clients spend time just playing my tits. That’s the magic of my bosom. If you want to cheer yourself up after a bad day, then just contact my agency to book an appointment with me and see how I lift your spirits. 

My sex story

As an Escort, I am used to meeting different kinds of men. Some men you remember, some you just want to forget.  In my escort service for 5 years, one of my sweetest erotic date was with an Indian Programmer who was from Hyderabad.
His name was Shankar and he was getting married soon. The guy had booked my service so that he can get some sexual experience before his first wedding night. He was very keen to perform well on his wedding night and don’t want to disappoint his wife.
When he arrived in my apartment, he was very nervous. Infact, words were not coming from his mouth. To relax his nerves, I made him a wine which he finished in single gulped. I started conversing to get over formal environment. Soon, he was in ease and sit in my bed as if he was waiting for some event to take place.
I didn’t disappoint him too; I played soft music on me deck and started removing my clothes. His mouth was wide open like a small child when I performed striptease. Soon, I was standing in two piece lingerie in front of him.  He got very excited and I could see the bulge inside his pant. I took off his clothes to make him naked. Once, he was naked except his underwear, I made him lie in bed. I took out oil from my cupboard and started applying on his body. He laughed like a child when my soft hands move over his firm body. My hands started from his face, move to neck and finally rested inside his underwear.  I started playing with his organ inside his underwear. Soon, I couldn’t control my excitement and rip off his underwear to see his cock. His cock was a dark beauty and quite huge. I started sucking it like an ice cream and soon he ejaculated inside my mouth. Now he was really excited and couldn’t control his feelings.
He rose from bed, gave me a deep kiss and said, “Enough.” “Now, it is my turn”
He laid me on bed and started giving me a sensual massage. His oily hands move all over body, especially on my breasts which he fondled gently. I shivered with excitement when his hands went inside my panty.  I screamed when his finger went inside my vagina. To silence me, his lips fastened on my lips and he kissed them passionately till they become swollen. Then, he move to neck, navel and finally on my breasts which he suckled like  a child. While his mouth was moving all over my body, his finger was moving with full intensity inside my vagina. Soon, I had a  mind blowing orgasm.
He didn’t stop at this. Satisfying himself from kissing, he turned me upside down , spread my legs and  inserted his cock fastly inside my vagina.  He moved with such a fast speed that I was feeling pain and excitement at same time. Soon, he released as sperm shot inside my body and both of us achieved our sexual climax at the same time.
He sent me his wedding pics on my mail id and really thanked me for boosting his confidence. His wife was very happy with him and he told me he was going to become a father soon.
I feel really glad of making Shankar realize his manliness. Most important, he showed me enough respect and gratitude which most men do not show to escort girls.

Hello everyone, Let me introduce myself. I am Odette, a part time professional strip dancer and also working as escort in Moscow. I am from Greece and have started working as escort in Moscow to support my family. sexo citas I am passionate about dancing and really enjoys when men whistle, woo or clap at my dance moves. I can be your perfect mistress for one night. You can take off my clothes, made me completely naked and kiss me passionately from top to bottom. I enjoy when men take me in their strong arms, caress my hair, run their firm hands on my delicate skin and rage my womanhood by inserting their weapon inside my body. I can also indulge in any erotic fantasy especially where you can dominate a woman and ravish her beautiful body. I consider myself sexy Jane i.e. an average looking girl with hot body. I have voluptuous figure which I keep in shape through dancing, long light brown hair, beautiful green eyes, natural red lips and most importantly big natural tits along with clean pussy. I bet that once I show my sexy bosom to you, you won’t wait for a moment to cup them in their hand and put them in their mouth. Please contact my agency to enjoy having leisure moments with me. I am willing to be your lovely companion for one night. 

My sex story

I accompanied a Chinese businessman on his Paris trip. The guy was looking for beautiful girl to accompany him to on his boring business trip. After work, we check out the beautiful city. We went to Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Sainte Chapelle and many other famous places.  Each evening we dine in fine restaurant and later in night we had rocking time in bed having lots of kissing and touching.
We stayed for 3 nights in Paris. First two nights were filled with kissing and lots of foreplay activity. But, the last night sex was just awesome.  The Chinese guy lay me down on the floor, tie my hands to the legs of the chair, gagged my mouth and looked quite differently.  The situation was looking like a rape scene from a famous Hollywood movie. I was extremely nervous when he did this to me and had no idea what will happen next. I regretted the decision of accompanying him to Paris. Had it been Moscow; then at least I could have called the cops.
Moving back to my encounter, the guy took out a scissor from his pocked and cut my top into two pieces. Then, he unzipped my pants and removed it along with underwear.  Now, he removed the cloth from my mouth and gave me sweet kisses on the lips. He kept on kissing me for at least half an hour simultaneously fondled my lovely tits. From lips, he moved to my neck where he poured down soft kisses over it and sucked my tits in between too.   I loved it when he fastened his lips on my breasts.  Although, he had bounded me; but the guy was quite gentle with me.  Our whole encounter was filled with kisses and touching.
When he was satisfied playing with my lovely tits; he move down to my stomach area and kissed it passionately all over it.  He squeezed my tits while kissing. It seemed that he had fallen in love with my lovely tits. The guy then opened my legs and inserted his big cock deep inside my vagina. He moved ferociously inside me causing little bit pain. He kept on moving till he ejaculated deep inside my body. After that, he untied my hands and legs.  But, the Chinese guy appetite was quit huge. He sat beside me stroked my hair for a while and run his firm hands over my back.
The guy sit behind me and started kissing my back starting from neck. He rolled his tongue all over my back while his hands squeezed my tits and his penis move inside my vagina. I was out of the world at this moment and sweat heavily during this encounter. It was first time that I was kissed, fondled and fucked at the same time. I was getting a feeling of group sex actually. Soon, the guy ejaculated inside me and heaved a sigh of relief.
Both of us went to deep sleep after that. Next day, we catch up our flights to our native country. He went back to China while I came back to Russia. But still I remember about our last night in Paris; I started feeling wet. I wish I could have more of it.

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Bessie is a 21 year old cute college student cum professional escort who likes to be your loving girlfriend. You can pick her up after office hours and chill out with her in any of your favorite place or visit her apartment to get her special treat.
She is brunette with beautiful eyes, nice skin and perfect bosom. prostituta Madrid Overall, she is beautiful yet approachable. You would love each moment spending time with her. She is one person with whom you can talk about your personal thoughts with ease. She is perfect girl to contact if you are feeling low in your life. She will bring colors in your boring life through her liveliness. We bet you would have a fresh attitude towards her after spending romancing with her all night.
Her love skills include whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games with you in bed and finally having pleasure through KS positions.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with her. She is one girl whom you should never miss dating if you are working or residing in Moscow.

My sex story

Now, I know why French Gentlemen are quite popular among women. The way they woo a woman can make any girl go crazy.

I had a chance of going on date with a French Gentleman. He had booked me for dinner cum bed service. We went to a restaurant to have food initially before hitting in bed.  While having dinner, he told me that he was working for a big corporate firm and had visited first time in Russia. He told me his first girlfriend was Russian and he was deeply in love with her. Due to circumstances, they couldn’t marry.

He told me from her experience, he got to know how gentle Russian women are in nature as well as in nature. He didn’t like European woman much because he find them as cold, money digger and rude too.  In comparison, he liked Russian woman as they are family oriented. He told me he was seriously looking for a Russian bride. I laughed to see his fondness for my country’s women and felt pride being a Russian woman.

After dinner, I drove him to my apartment where we had a really great time.  The guy came well prepared for the evening. He took me to bed, folded my eyes with a black cloth and started removing my dress.  I got excited as his hands unbuttoned my shirt along with pants. Soon, I was in my undergarments. He laid me on bed and started applying oil all over my body. The way he massaged my body was just amazing. I started panting heavily when his strong hands touch my breasts, my stomach and my long legs. While massaging my body, he removed my undergarments too. After making me enough oily, he lay on top of me and start fondling my tits. The way he sucked my tits was so gentle that I really had a lump in my throat. Most men treat our tits like hamburger and attacked them like a hungry wolf. They don’t care about sensitiveness about woman’s body and do not bother at all whether it hurts us or not. But, surprisingly this man really cared. He was quite gentle to me in bed. After playing enough with my tits, the guy started kissing me all over my body. His lips moved over my soft stomach, my legs, my arms, even my back too. He kept on kissing me for at least  one and a half hour without getting a break.   Then, he took a break and massaged his cock well with oil. He parted my legs and inserted his cock gently inside my body. I just closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, the way he rotated his cock inside mine.

Soon, he ejaculated inside my body and in excitement I scratch his back too.  The best thing about French guy was that he was quite gentle to my body, unlike other men who treat us like shit.
After having sex, he went back to his normal routine life leaving behind sweet memories of our sexual encounter.   From his experience, I got to know that why Hollywood actress end up getting married to French guy. Because they are so good nature-wise as well as in bed too.